EMR Ventures

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A Privately Held Real Estate Development Company

The core focus of our organization is developing quality assets in high barrier to entry markets, which offer outsized potential for future growth

Acquisitions is in our DNA

We believe that site selection is one of the most important factors in the success of a potential project.  We use a proprietary methodology to determine the absolute top tier locations for our target business plans, and approach these owners directly.  Everything we do is off market.

Committed to Our Marketplaces

We believe that the more we invest in a given market, the more long term benefits we accrue.  From developing and strengthening relationships with our local strategic partners, to getting an intuitive feel for the local politics, being committed to our markets for the long term allows us to capitalize on opportunities that others may not see.

Creating Value

One of the driving factors for focusing on development is that it gives us the ability to get involved at an early stage in the lifecycle of a property.  We believe that we have a unique opportunity to enhance the value of a site at every stage of the development process.

Choosing the Right Asset Classes

The asset classes we get involved with generally have two criteria; strong macro tailwinds for growth, a niche nature which makes them less saturated with competition than other property types.